Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I hate mobile

The mobile "revolution" has been pretty cool.  We've seen a lot of innovative apps, a glut of games and flashlight apps galore.  It's been the biggest boon for open source since, well, ever.  It's made millionares and billionares and doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

I hate it.  Mobile never ceases to get on my nerves.

Remember Web 2.0?  That buzzword-filled era?  Yeah, I don't want to repeat it anytime either.  However, no one really knew what Web 2.0 meant.  There were plenty of definitions going around, but it seemed like everyone had their own spin.  While this had the disadvantage of never knowing what a company meant when they said they were "Web 2.0 compliant" or something like that, it meant that there wasn't a centralizing factor for all the hip startups to focus on.  They could add some element of interactivity and get back to creating awesome ideas.

Everyone knows what mobile is.  Everyone's trying to be the "next big thing" with mobile.  Unfortunately, this splits the market.  I could spend the next few paragraphs explaining the economics behind that, but I'd rather not bore you to death.

Bah, sorry.  I'm complaining about things again, aren't I?  Let's look at the positive.

Everyone focusing on mobile (or social media, or what have you) means that there's some incredibly under served markets out there.  It's New Years day (what am I doing blogging on New Years?  If only there were an appropriate time to think over my life and make significant changes in goal form...).  We've got a whole awesome year ahead of us.  Why don't we take some advice from Steve Yegge and build something that matters.

Don't try to be the next Temple Run.  Try to be the first whatever-the-heck-you-are.  I'm currently building a system that should make college easier and cheaper for the next cycle of college students.  Whose life will you change?

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