Thursday, September 20, 2012

About Me

I'm Randall Koutnik (It's pronounced "Coat-nick," thankyouverymuch). Near the end of Fall semester 2011, I StumbleUpon'd How to Make Wealth. The idea behind this essay blew me away.  Up until then, I was a slacker college student with some vague idea of running my own company someday.  As I finished that essay, my life goals began to define themselves.

10 months later, I'm someone different.  I've vastly improved as a programmer.  I now know much more about many different languages.  I'm not stuck in a dead end if Java isn't the best solution (and I've learned that Java usually isn't the best solution).  I no longer procrastinate as much and when I do, it's doing things that are useful, rather than looking at cat pictures.

I'm still very aware of how far I've yet to go.  I'm now employed as an assistant manager at a small-but-awesome software firm.  I don't have my own company. (yet!)  I've learned that doing what seems impossible only takes hard work and dedication.

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