Thursday, September 20, 2012

What is Recoding?

Recoding is simply a clever name for a blog.
Recoding is going back and fixing that thing you should have done right in the first place.
Recoding is attacking code you wrote six months ago, rewriting it with all the knowledge you've gained.
Recoding is gaining that very knowledge.
Recoding is being handed thousands of lines of terrible code and gleefully diving in, glad for the chance to create a functioning system out of spaghetti.
Recoding is learning new things that you'll never use, just for the experience of doing something you've never done before.
Recoding is re-engineering your entire life, changing habits, friends, and beliefs to achieve what you once thought was only a pipe dream.

Recoding is the story of how Randall Koutnik changed his life from a good-enough slacker to something better.

It's a story about me but it can become your story too. Read on to start your own recoding adventure.

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